Hurtta Outdoor Overalls

Effective protection against rain, slush and dirt

​Price:               $69.95 each with FREE Shipping

Size:                 15S  | Color: Black with 3M reflectors

                           1. Back Length:         38 cm / 15 inches

                            2. Neckline:               35-40 cm / 14-16 inches

                            3. Chest:                     62 cm / 24 inches

                            4. Front Leg:              5 cm / 2 inches

Mesh Drying Coats by Ann Hall 

Purpose: Used to give a show winning finish to your dogs coat; the coat is designed to give a flat, neat, shiny coat that stays in place when dry.

It is made from a top quality, hard-wearing mesh and is bound with an elastic fabric to ensure a taunt but comfortable fit on your dog.  All of the straps and ties are made from stretchable materials in order to avoid irritation to your dog.

How To Use: This coat can be fitted when the hair is wet or damp and left to dry naturally or with the assistance of gentle hair drying.

Important Note: The coat must not be removed until the hair is completely dry.

Price:               $52.95  each with FREE Shipping


                     19” LONG X 15” GIRTH | Color: Silver & Black (OUT OF STOCK)
                  20” LONG X 16” GIRTH | Color: Purple & Black (OUT OF STOCK)
                  21” LONG X 17” GIRTH | Color: Purple & Black (OUT OF STOCK)
                  22” LONG X 18” GIRTH | Color: Blue & Black
                  23” LONG X 19” GIRTH | Color: Black & Black (OUT OF STOCK)

                  24-25” LONG X 20” GIRTH | Color: Black & Black (OUT OF STOCK)

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Sleezy Finishing Coats

Purpose: Used to polish and shine the coat as your dog moves; typically used for confirmation dog shows to help provide that perfectly finished show winning coat!

Important Note: For the best results leave the coat on until just before entering the ring.

Price:               $29.95 each with FREE Shipping

                           ADD a matching snood for just $15.00, just look for the (†) icon




(One size fits most from 16 to 18 lbs)
Sequin – Gold, Light Blue†, Light Pink†, Lime Green, Purple†, Red & Teal Blue†,
Blaze of Glory, Carnival, Constellation†, Dashes – Light Teal†, Dazed & Confused,
Dot Cluster – Purple†, Geisha – Pink, Multi Colored Leopard, Paisley – Pink†,
Sleek – Dark Purple† & Hot Pink†, Snakeskin - Brown†

(Limited Availability)

(For our above average friends from 19 to 21 lbs)
Sequin – Gold, Light Blue†, Red & Teal Blue†, Dot Cluster – Teal Blue, Geisha – Pink,
Multi Colored Leopard, Sleek – Dark Purple† & Hot Pink†